This Week

Here is a list of some of this week’s reading.

Week ending July 9, 2017

Mary Robinson Foundation


Re-imaging our relationship with Nature from The Atlantic

Cultural Frames  an older article, but still relevant

Week ending July 2, 2017

What the GOP healthcare bill would mean for rural America

The slipperiness between language and fact

Southern Black history under Trump

Mayors commit to meeting Obama’s climate commitments

Week ending June 11, 2017


Week ending May 28, 2017

Climate news


Fact Checking

Advancing Human Rights Through Energy Access


Things to think about


Week ending May 14, 2017

State leaders defy Trump

Young Environmentalists

Safe guarding data Chicago protects climate change data from Trump administration

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

About those father-daughter, mother-son dances…..


Week ending May 7, 2017

Scientific American blog understanding the scale of human carbon emission

Syracuse NY airport Defense Dept. using Syracuse, Hancock Airport to train drone operators

Behind every great woman is another one Heifer International

Yes, we can reduce police brutality


Week Ending April 30, 2017

The Awakened Heart

Climate denier to climate protector an interesting interview on how an avowed climate change denier came to the understanding that climate change is happening and that it is not good.

National Geographic half of all the species are on the move…what does it mean?

National Monuments

Doctors Without Borders Yemen

Chris Hedges my favorite read this week

Week Ending April 22, 2017

Mary Robinson A Vision for Multilateral Cooperation

Trump and Paris Agreement

Clean Water the drinking water of 20 million southerners (including five million Georgians and two million South Carolinians) is in jeopardy.

Fighting forest fires in the era of climate change

DO you believe our National Parks are important? Parks or drilling hot spots?

Renewable energy is here to stay

Week Ending April 16, 2017

What we can learn about our children

Scotland from Nat Geo


Malala a roll model for us all


Week Ending April 9, 2017

Great Law of Peace  Native Roots of Democracy


Flooding in Peru


Week Ending April 2, 2017

Dispelling Beauty Myths

The environment

Global reshuffling of wildlife and the impact on humanity

March for Science adds two women of color, a pediatrician and a biologist, as co-chairs

Two-Spirit People their history and contributions


Week Ending March 25, 2017

What the city of New York is reading  One Big Book Club

To the next generations of artists Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter

Female Athletes and Nike

What’s Your Story?

Flexing Our Civic Muscles

Week ending March 19, 2017

The Four Radiant Abodes  Love, Compassion, Joy and Peace

Learn  NRDC

Think the EPA is not important? What Cities Looked Like Before The EPA

Take a peek…maybe rethink on some things….”Society has “defaults” that normalize certain identities – white, straight, male, cisgender, able-bodied, and more. When you’re in a position of privilege, you might think marginalized people are just complaining about nothing.”  Resetting the default

Times when humans witnessed supernovas…Supernovas from Earth

Weeks ending March 12, 2017

Putting other before ourselves…a good idea?

Taking Care of the Earth

This Moment

Children and Environmental Hazards

A Poem  So beautiful

January 16-22 2017

The Dream Corps  join the Love Army

Indivisible a practical guide for resisting the trump agenda

Gendered Language how gender language affects kids


Jan. 1-15, 2017

Pursue meaning over happiness

Preventative Priorities   Seven top potential flashpoints for the United States in the year ahead.

Learning from Nature

Writers plan resistance worldwide

Shepard Fairey Poster Campaign

Imagine. A Secretary for Peace

December 19-31, 2016

Meeting Our Enemies and Our Suffering

26 Important Articles

A Wish for the New Year

Finding Quiet Amidst Chaos

You’re Never Too Young  Kid’s who are making a difference

One of my favorite Rumi poems

2 articles on guaranteed income:Universal basic income

Finland basic income

A back to school reading list  A crowd sourced syllabus for the next generation of writers

Time’s top photos of 2016

December 10-December 18, 2016

A Charlie Chaplin Poem Charlie Chaplin wrote a poem to himself of his 70th birthday

The choice women make in Syria In a world that is literally falling apart, women are making heartbreaking choices…..

Quotes about women as Art and Political statement Provocative interpretation of quotes about women

How we begin to understand just read this

Children In Their Own Words How they are affected by gender issues

Saving Research

A Year in Pictures from Doctor’s Without Borders


November 29- December 4, 2016

Vets vow to be a human shield Standing Rock

No Normalizing Just don’t do it and speak up when it happens

The election that changed everything

What’s happening in Aleppo

Rosa Parks


November 21-28

The Essence of Beauty

Indigenous Cultures Why it is important to preserve the language and culture of Indigenous cultures

What we didn’t learn about Thanksgiving

Four hundred years from the first Thanksgiving

Make a difference Please, let’s not be afraid of sex education

Support a Survivor

In Our World

November 14-20,2016

Circle of Concern  Great, short little read

Doctors without borders

Jack Kornfield Envision Liberation and Justice

Interior cancels Oil Leases Blackfeet Nation

Photographer of the year  20 finalists from Nat Geo

Marshall Islands


November 7-13, 2016

From Sojourners magazine

Facing History and Ourselves this is a is a nonprofit international educational and professional development organization.

The children

Namaste Donald Trump

Naomi Klein

We were made for these times Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Teaching In These Times

Waking Up In Trump’s America

We are all in this together. One earth, one tribe, one people.

October 31 -November 6, 2016

Minding Time from the Kindness Blog

Giant Snowballs in Siberia   So cool! From Atlas Obscura

Powerful Women are still being persecuted….

Communal Healing in the Time of Trump  “Trump’s campaign is just one snapshot among many revealing the true condition of our country right now.”

Racism and the word “Hence”  really? In this day and age?

Loving Kindness This was my bedtime prayer for years. It is still my “go to” when I struggle in any way.

Guided version for Loving Kindness




October 24-30, 2016

Chicago tries to heal Syrian children from the trauma of war

The revolution we need

Who are we?

Bread of life

It is okay

North Carolina

Can’t argue with Grandma. A different perspective.

Resistance and buffalo

Water protectors and baseball

just read this

View at

View at

View at

October 17-23, 2016

Viggo Mortensen  I love him…

Love apples? What is it like to be an apple picker?

What happens when clinics close?

Statement of integrity 2016 elections

Domestic violence  thought provoking

Airportraits  Fun!

October 10-16, 2016

Amy Goodman

Standing Rock

Freida Pinto

Care or Not. What does it mean?

Dying with honor

October 3-9, 2016

We’re all a little biased even if we don’t know it….

Teaching Your Child Social Emotional Agility

Paid Parental Leave

Helping Combat Veterans

Frog and Toad!!!

California Drought

September 25- October 2, 2016

RAFTO Prize  Challenging the authorities to do more for Iraqi women.

From He to She

The Key To Rest?

Inside Robin Williams’ Brain  written by his wife

NY man headed to jail  He filmed Eric Garner’s death and now he fears for his life

Bees are amazing  Bees bore through rock to make nests

The Key is Opportunity How do we help the 65 million forcibly displaced people in the world?

Water  The meaning of water in Peru



September 19-24, 2016 

By one of my favorite columnists, Omid Safi  The Seeking Woman at the Heart of the Pilgrimage

Evolving 15 Difficult Feelings

Poverty   Expensive To Be Poor

Monarch Butterflies  Protecting Monarch Habitats

Dismantling the War Machine  War Machine

Listening for Peace Listening Deeply for Peace

Aboriginal Australians have said they belonged to the oldest sustained civilization on the face of the Earth  Oldest Society on Earth


September 12-18, 2016

Is there a village anymore that truly supports families? The Absence of the Village

The displaced children….   “Congressman Quigley concluded the event with a powerful message to all displaced people that are coping with crisis: “our thoughts are with you, but more importantly, our actions need to be with you.”

A Reflection on 9-11  I worried for my Muslim friends in the wake of 9-11 and kept asking if they were okay. They hurt just the same as I did…had the same fears, anger, disbelief.

For all you Jesse Ventura fans! Jesse Ventura

The role of science at Standing Rock Standing Rock

A Billion Stars New map of the Milky Way

To be an activist you must be an optimist  Love in Action

Chai Wallahs and more Vanishing food culture

Time to shake the apple tree? Caring about people or power?

September 5-11, 2016

The government and Native Americans  Native Americans and Poverty

Understanding the culture of the people you are helping  Understanding Different Cultures Is Important

Hope to see it  Snowden, Best Film of The Year

Amy Goodman, Protest and the Dakota Pipeline  When Journalists are Arrested

What we miss out on  Missing Out

“War. What is it good for?”  Remember that song?  15 year war

Our Falls and Triumphs Learning through trying

Care for our Veterans is a topic the Candidates have been talking about, but this kind of injury is not talked about  Moral Injury


August 28, 2016- September 4, 2016

About children:  What Kids Wished Their Teachers Knew

The Importance of Dialogue Prevention Through Dialogue

Georegetown University  offers Legacy status to the descendants of the  272 enslaved people in 1838, sold to pay off the university’s massive debts.  Georgetown University and the Descendants of Slaves

The Drought In The Northeast  Impact of the Drought In The Northeast

A Garden of Flowers in Syria  A Garden of Flowers in Syria

The Recovery in NOLA after Katrina How New Orleans Is Doing after Katrina

Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements   The Pentagon and Social Science

An Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick from a Green Beret  Open Letter from A Green Beret


August 31, 2016

On this page I will offer links to articles I have read during the past week that I found interesting, helpful, thought provoking, etc.

We are in the middle of a crazy election cycle, a suffering world, a violent world, and sometimes there are thoughts, viewpoints and information that are not found in regular news sources.