I recently “retired” my past blog, Potentiality. I had begun that blog out of need that came from somewhere deep inside. I required a means of digesting and synthesizing thoughts, ideas and information as they related to me and my life at the time.

I stopped posting on Potentiality and realized I had outgrown it’s intention. I had moved on.

During the past year I have begun a different journey. It is still an internal one. I recently began going to a meditative retreat center in central New York state. My yoga practice was opening my heart, mind and body to new experiences.  I was changing.

So, this blog is a means for me to process this new leg of my journey.

Every morning I awake to the sunrise and am stunned each and every day by the majestic beauty of the rising sun, the colors, the promise. The nocturnal ramblings and calls of the night go silent, and the songs of the new day begin. And in this short window of time, I breath in and out, rest in the stillness of the moment and, I just am.

That’s what this is about.

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