When Fireflies Fly

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

It’s that time of year when the fireflies dance in the darkness. Last night as I looked out the bedroom windows before sleep it seemed as if the stars had come down from heaven to dance for a little while on earth. Every single year I experience excitement when I see the first sparkle in the darkness of night. So many memories fly into my thoughts. Summer nights trying to capture a few so they would be my night light in my bedroom. Memories of watching as I held one little creature, wondering how it lit up it’s body. It seemed a miracle.

Even now, in over 50 years of finding magic, mystery, wonder in the existence of such a small little creature, my heart and soul is still lit from within as I watch these little marvels fly, dip and rise in the velvety night. Childlike innocence is mine once again when the fireflies fly. Light is found in darkness.


For me this little insect represents the part of me that finds ease in allowing my spirit to soar, even in darkness, lighting the way using an inner light that shines on the path. All I need do is be mindful of this and trust in the light showing the path ahead.

Some cultures see messages from something divine in the presence of animals and insects. Totems or messages. The firefly brings inspiration to spread your wings and fly. Coming from the sleepy cold winter time they awake and fly. Their message is we are guided by a light from within. When we pause to take in the twinkling beauty of fireflies,  we may be more in tune with other beauty that we allow into our lives. All the positives that light up our hearts with joy, gratitude and love. Little fireflies remind us it is possible to find light in darkness.

When our heart is lit from within it shines brightly for all to see and we offer a light that guides others as well as ourselves.

As we enter into the 4th of July celebrations there is much to think about. Lets open our hearts, not only to let the light in, but to allow it to shine back out upon all others.

This Little Light of Mine