To Love Others

“Our job is to love others without stopping
to inquire whether or not they are worthy.
That is not our business,
and in fact, it is nobody’s business.
What we are asked to do is love,
and this love itself will render both ourselves 
and our neighbors worthy, if anything can.”
Thomas Merton

Spring-ish is slowly turning towards summer. The changing seasons remind us that  there are rhythms and cycles that move without thought to us humans. As we awaken to earlier sunlight and listen to the gentle rains of spring that call for the flowers and bees to also awaken, let us open our eyes to this fresh, renewed world and look around. Animals everywhere strut, fluff, and preen.  Already little ducklings waddle through puddles and baby birds squeak for more food.  Buds lazily unfurl as leaves and flowers, responding to light and warmth.

Our mood changes. We feel healthier. Happier. There is a new energy that calls us outside. We laugh and hug and make plans to be together in the warmth and light.

The news of the world does not always follow the cycles of Nature. Events are stuck in muddy ruts. Light is blocked. No one looks at the Other. People cry instead of laugh. People fight instead of embrace. People operate on fear based reactions rather than informed respect and acceptance. So it is up to us individually to remember we have a calling to love one another, every single person, without stopping. There is no pausing to regard if they are worthy.

What we are asked to do is love.

There is a lot of talk and thoughts about those who have, and those who have not, those who are  deserving, and those who are not, those who are “good” and those who are “bad”, those who are “right” and those who are “wrong”. Talk of those who believe in the right and the only God, vs some other God. In amongst all that, it feels sometimes that we have lost the capacity to love, to accept, to help heal, to forgive and to be tolerant and have decided to walk  instead with fear, mistrust, hate, isolation, apathy.

What we are asked to do is love.


“We do not exist for ourselves.” Thomas Merton

“The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.”
Thomas Merton

I certainly struggle with this at times. But, I struggle more with the thought of violence, of turning a blind eye, of pretending to know which is the one, right path.

crab apple1mh

This is the time of year when life awakens. The grass grows green again. The animals awaken from their slumber. Flocks of beautiful birds and majestic animals return to summer lands. Peepers sing at night. Mates dance for one another and settle into parenthood.  For us humans it is time to tend the earth, to plant, to set the path for harvest.  A time of gratitude for the return of long days of sun light, and the comforting warmth upon our skin and souls .

Spring brings life born of faith and of love. It calls for hearts to be open and receiving. Open and giving.

In this moment we can open up our hearts and love. It’s not our business to judge. Everyone struggles and falls. What we are asked to do is love. At this moment.

“….this love itself will render both ourselves 
and our neighbors worthy, if anything can.”

*This is a re-worked version of a post on my old blog Potentiality


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