Uitwaaien (Dutch): to take a break, to clear one’s head; lit: “to walk in the wind”

Personally I think it is time. Time for the whole darn world to stop. Take a break and clear our collective mind. The world is in disarray.

Each one of us needs to make some time to take this walk in the wind. To allow our mind be cleared of all the crap, the fear, the hatred, the greed, the violence that’s gotten clogged up in there.


(Oregon, pelicans in the wind, by me)

Even for those who have been able to filter this stuff out and to remember the interconnectedness, the wonder, the beauty, the compassionate qualities of life—you need to join the rest of us.

We all need to walk together. To BE with each other. To SEE and HEAR each other. We need to FEEL the stories of each other.

We need to have the winds of this fair earth blow upon us and take our breath away so we can take in a new gasp of fresh air.

Let’s do it!!! Let’s go outside and breathe in the air. Feel the wind and clear our minds. Then let’s get to work and heal this world. Heal the anger, fear, hatred and violence and instead plant seeds. Lets grow and nurture compassion, tolerance and inter-being.

Take a look at the thoughts you think. The words you say. The actions you choose. The choices you make. Let’s embrace the word “euonia”.  Euonia: beautiful thinking. Well mind.

Let’s clear our mind so that is it well, healthy. Let us engage our mind in beautiful thinking.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens.”
Carl Jung

Awaken. When you look inside to allow this awakening, what do you truly see? A world in turmoil? Separation and fear? Violence and pain? That’s not what I see.

I search and long for the beautiful thinking. The thinking that embraces tolerance, cooperation, sharing, honoring, nurturing, compassion, enough for all, respect. The beautiful thinking that will allow beautiful change. Change that cannot happen without changing our thinking. We have to look into our hearts and listen. We have to take a walk in the wind to clear our heads.

I’m ready.




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