Waiting for a snow storm. A light snow has begun. It is soft and light. The world seems softer.

2snow curtainedited

It takes me about a week to write a post for this blog. The one I was working on for today will be a beautiful one when it is done, but that is not going to happen this week. I’ve gotten caught up in all the things I write about—-worry, self doubt, sadness, anger, resentment. Work was hard this week, and I feel a bit worn down. These thoughts and emotions have interfered with the blog post I intended for this week, and I can’t seem to finish it.

BUT!!! I saw this short video on Facebook, and thought it was charming and important. It is on the Power of Empathy. I needed the reminder. I may not get the empathy from some that would be most welcomed, but I can still extend empathy forward to them. I’m trying.

How do you feel about empathy?




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