Mowing the Lawn

Setting the scene: a comfortable living room. Sunlight is filtering through the open window. Bird song can be heard. Kathryn and her husband are sitting, talking.

Husband: ” I feel kind sluggish. I think I’ll go do a few errands and go to the gym to work out.”

Kathryn, light bulb flashing over her head. Inner dialog revolves around kindness, “OK, that sounds good. I’ll mow some lawn if you’d like.”

H: “That would be GREAT!!!”

About two hours later Kathryn is in kitchen and looks out the window towards the garden. “Oh crap!! I forgot about mowing the lawn!”

Kathryn’s inner dialog involves something along the lines of not mowing the lawn, what was she thinking, did she REEAAALLLLY have to do it? Finally, with solid intention and kindness in her heart she says out loud, “Yes. I do need to do it and I will. Now.

Outside, wandering around the yard trying to find the lawn mower and the ear protectors. The sun is hot. There are no clouds in the sky. No wind ruffles the leaves. Far away a rooster crows. Kathryn  tucks her pants into her socks as a precaution against ticks which have been abundant this year. She has her blue snow flake buff over her forehead to hold her hair off her face. Sunglasses are on. Ear protectors on. She gives the lawn mower pull cord a tug. Nothing. Again. It starts.

With determination Kathryn gets going on the yard on the south side of the house. Here we find gardens, a fire pit, a small lily pond, a stone wall, trees. And all the lawn furniture. It doesn’t take long before Monkey Mind is in  full onslaught.

Monkey Mind/Kathryn; “What EVER got into you to offer to do this? This is hard. It’s hot out here. For heaven’s sake, you’re sweating. OMG, I think a drop of sweat just fell off you forehead. How are you going to move those chairs without stopping and restarting. WATCH OUT, don’t go IN the lily pond. Was that a mosquito or a tick bite? Is your nose getting burned. Geez it’s hard making all these turns. LOOK, you missed a spot now you have to go back. I’m thirsty. These ear protectors are really uncomfortable. Should I have worn gloves? How long is this going to take? Ouch!! I didn’t see that branch. I think you mowed over some flowers. UH OH, I didn’t mean to mow over that big rock. Achooo! Where did all these branches come from? How long is this going to take????AAARRRGHHHH!!! MONKEY MIND STOP!!!!!!

West side of house. Lawn mower is still running. Sweat is still dripping.

Monkey Mind has been shooed away. The sky is still blue. A few cotton ball clouds have rolled in. The air remains still.

Kathryn has a conversation with her Self: “I’m mowing the lawn. Just mowing the lawn. The lawn is really green. The grass has a wonderful fresh smell. (deep breath) That Japanese Red Maple really contrasts with the green. So pretty. It will be lovely when it gets a little bigger. It looks like the ornamental plum got over that blight thing. Is that a toad?? It is!! Move little guy…move. Oh look, there’s a red tailed hawk. I wonder if it’s Big Red or Ezra from the University. Boy, the birds sure are singing loudly. I should fill the bird feeders. I’ll remember this warmth this winter. The sky sure is pretty. I’m glad we planted all these trees. I’m mowing the lawn. I’m mowing the lawn…oh wow. I’m finished. That was fast.



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